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IT-outsourcing - moving to a new level

IT-outsourcing - is the transfer of all the issues and problems concerning your IT-infrastructure into the management of our company..
What does IT-outsourcing give you?

Methods of work

We do remote administration using a remote access system. Consultations are held over the phone or email. If necessary, we guarantee prompt departure of experts in your office to solve urgent problems.

Also we have a scheduled maintenance of customer equipment (virus check, installing software updates, planned modernization of computers). And if we will focus on the implementation of large-scale automation projects implementing complex information systems, we are ready to give our experts at your disposal for all time that you need.

Our Services

Creation and support of the LAN

We will create a network infrastructure, on base of which all IT-structure of your organization will be built in future.

Operation of the storage system

We will provide you a troubleproof access to necessaryl data, fast processing of it and protection against loss.

Launch and support of virtualization system

By dividing the management of the hardware from the software management, we can reduce the cost of IT-infrastructure and improve the efficiency of its use.

System Administration

We will configure the PC servers and workstations in your organization, install all the necessary software for them, we will render technical support and carry out the repairs if necessary.

We are ready to take up the project of any complexity, from small web solutions to complex corporate system.


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